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I'd never have thought I'd fall in love with Jenna's mother Claudia, who's forty two, so you can imagine my surprise--or shock--when I found I'd fallen in love with Jenna's sixty-four year old grandmother Pamela!

Don't get me wrong; she's well-preserved for her age.

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She may be a little chunky around the middle, but that's just more of her to love, right?Her tits have sagged a little over the five decades or so that she's owned them, but, hey, gravity will do that to a girl, sooner or later, and it's not like they hang to her knees.The bottoms of her breasts, which are actually about hand-size, come to just above the crook of her elbow, so her boobs are still sort of sexy.Her hips are wide, and her ass is broad and flatter than I like, and a little more solid, or dense, than either Jenna's or Claudia's.She has some cellulite, too, and a few stretch marks, and her skin has a pimply appearance in places, among the wrinkles.

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