Sedating a cat for grooming

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I happen to believe the side effects related to acepromazine outweigh its benefits in these cases given that plenty of other drugs provide safer, more comfortable alternatives if a quiet animal is your goal.

Here’s the down-side of its uses as a tranquilizer/sedative, as presented by Plumb’s Veterinary Drug Handbook (which I urge you all to buy): It’s also believed that acepromazine, used freely for noise phobia, may actually heighten pets’ sensitivity to noise.

These things are all best assessed in person at the time of your pets’ appointment.

An estimate can be given to you at the time of your arrival prior to your appointment, because it is very hard to give an estimate over the phone without seeing your pet.

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Here are the most commonly applied indications in cat and dog medicine: In the last two cases, I employ acepromazine often (though by no means always).The only real defense against tangles and mats is regular bathing and drying done by a professional cat groomer who truly knows what they are doing.Some groomers are not cat groomers and will groom a cat using products and techniques that can cause more problems.A proper soap down in water is crucial as “dry baths” are not cleaning any dirt and debris off of your kitty’s coat.Although these products are used in some grooming establishments they will only add to the grease in the skin and coat therefore creating more shedding and matting problems for kitty and you! Even some of the very difficult felines are able to be groomed without the use of sedatives with proper cat handling techniques.

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