Pepa dating asian guy

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Funny, because he’s made his fortune convincing black women that thugs, drug dealers, and gold teeth should be the standard of sexiness and allure for us mere-mortal regular black chicks.

Bob Johnson, co-founder of BET, a vehicle that has single-handedly tarnished the name of black American women all over the world, wants a “gentleman” for daughter.

But now, we live in the Age of the Internet Nitpicker. you might not be able to take away Wallace's freedom, but you sure could take away his Oscar.

People will find every single stupid mistake a movie made, even for a fraction of a frame, and when they do, they will have made it through production with some guy in a ballcap chilling nearby, no way would rubber weapons go anywhere near an actor's hands, and they'd sooner blow up a car than let one make it into their 13th century period piece. is Windows 95 cyberculture as seen by clueless Hollywood, a film about super-hot, super-genius, teenage uber-hackers, who hack each other for lulz just as effortlessly as they hack evil corporations for seriouzzez.

He gained national notoriety in 2009 when he mistakenly said, “keep fucking that chicken”—which sort of sounds like a Beastie Boys lyric—during a live broadcast.

Andretti, Mario (“Shadrach,” Paul’s Boutique)Italian-American race-car driver Mario Andretti competed successfully on multiple racing circuits—including Indy Car, Formula One, and NASCAR—between 1959 and his final retirement in 2000.

They made a splash upon their initial release, but their luster faded fast.

According to this video, there are at least three seemingly minor, but honestly absurd, production errors that, once you see them, you can't see the movie the same way again.

(Hat tip to for serving as an invaluable research tool.) Albee Square Mall (“Dedication,” Hello Nasty / “Hey Fuck You,” To The 5 Boroughs)A mall on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, since cleared out for a mixed-use development.If 4Chan had existed in 1995, these kids would be their Mary Sues. But the more I added to it, the less funny it looked, and the more like a train wreck.There's a dude sporting a baseball hat in the background of one scene.A humongous battle scene takes a backseat to a car just milling about in the background.

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