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It’s a big no–no to use contractions in formal writing especially. And so, just like you said, Morag, we use it in two specific situations.

The first is when we’re talking about our plans in the future, or we are making a prediction based on evidence at hand, based on something we can see or experience.

A dip into the “Romanic epoch” visiting the Church of S.

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They have been around for a very long time, dating back to Old English (450–1150 AD) and Middle English (1150–1470 AD).

She's now launching a sophisticated algorithm called VIBee — a play on "VIP" — a verification of sorts that rewards good user behavior and engagement.

"It's really important to note that Bumble VIBee isn't about weeding anyone out of the equation.

The jewel of the restaurant is the rich selection of pot food – a comprehensive dining experience that is difficult to experience anywhere else!

Carefully crafted pot dishes are inspired by universal traditions and modern trends.

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