Gayle king dating 50

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The POTUS Prediction will be read out on Unlike 2014, when Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly noticeably sparred with Obama over policy, this year’s 7-minute interview was more morning show feel good feature in tone than hard news.

While King was to conduct another interview with POTUS today talking about the recent missle launch by North Korea and more serious topics, the chat with the First Couple started off with greetings and a first question of “do you have any special plans for the day?

Jezebel reports the “relationship” seems to have been sparked by 50 Cent’s appearance on OWN’s “The Gayle King Show.” “Ok I finally met a woman that is smart, sexy, sophisticated, classy and secure,” 50 Cent tweeted Wednesday.

“I think I love her.” The rapper’s next message to @gayleking was slightly more sensual: “She’s perfect.

In the news business, we have a front row seat to everything that happens.

We have mutual respect and admiration and affection for each other. Things could look really great on paper — it’s like dating a guy; he has all the right attributes, but you meet him and go, “God, he’s boring.” We did click pretty quickly.

Gayle King definitely said something that sounds a lot like, "I'm gay" ...

King's date was not wearing a wedding ring so it didn't occur to her to ask if he was married. However, King said while at dinner with her date "he said something about 'my wife'" prompting the star to ask, "You have a wife?

Her thighs define sexy, her hips are just right, her eyes talk to me. A photo depicting Gayle showing off a bicep tattoo of 50 Cent’s face!

Oh and her a**." After announcing, “we’ve been together 10 minutes now we’re engaged,” the rapper takes things to the next level. ” Thursday the talk show host tweeted, “From the original G-Unit, I now feel so close to you… It's safe to assume these two are joking around - as Gayle tweeted to one of her followers, "That was not flirting that was friendliness!

As one of Variety’s Power of Women honorees, Gayle King will attend a lunch on Friday in support of her chosen cause, SEO Scholars.

For this week’s issue, the “CBS This Morning” co-anchor and editor-at-large at O, The Oprah Magazine spoke about covering the news in the age of Trump and why she owns so many TVs.

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