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As deputy head of the administration he would meet once a week with the heads of the television channels in his Kremlin office, instructing them on whom to attack and whom to defend, who is allowed on TV and who is banned, how the president is to be presented, and the very language and categories the country thinks and feels in.IN response to Theresa May’s request for rival parties to “contribute and not just criticise”, I, as a representative of The Royal Regiment of TV Reviewers (mascot: Peppa Pig), would like to make the following suggestion to boost police numbers: ban all new detective shows.The actors who would have starred in them, having already researched their way into the roles, could then be transferred to do the job for real for a while, thereby taking the heat off ministers. There is one bluebottle in the ointment, though: TV ’tecs are generally so consumed by their own problems they have no time for other people’s.You have the higher-ups and managers who are trusted and given autonomy, and the "everyone else" category, which isn't really in the club.People don't want to be in this latter category and will do all kinds of nasty things to lift themselves out of it. In fact, large companies have more experience dealing with this kind of thing than do small firms.

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