Pj brennan and kieron richardson dating

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Doug was created as one of three new fresher students - alongside Jamil Fadel (Sikander Malik) and Leanne Holiday (Jessica Forrest), he was introduced through the series' online spin-off Hollyoaks: Freshers. Brennan was asked to return in the month following Doug's on-screen debut.

He had hoped for a return, but was also content with his character's initial story arc because it featured "a beginning, a middle and an end".

Zak Ramsey (Kent Riley) is jealous, so challenges Riley to penalty shootouts, unaware he is a footballer.

During a fashion show for Heidi, Riley strips for the cat walk, where Theresa Mc Queen (Jorgie Porter) is attracted to him.

In December 2011, the serial's executive producer Emma Smithwick said that Riley would remain in Hollyoaks Riley first appears with his family when Carl buys The Dog in the Pond.

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“People tell me they saw something in John Paul they were going through themselves – and that’s huge! “Hollyoaks told me John Paul was going to struggle with his sexuality, so I knew that going in.Message Number: 25955 / Date Posted: 05/04/2014 A, JOSEPH from UNKNOWN is being searched for by MAGGIE MARTIN from ALABAMA I am looking for a old online friend I had for over a year. I truly believe that when you feel so strong about someone after all this time. I should give this a try and at least find out if he is single or not. Message Number: 20701 / Date Posted: 29/06/2012 AARON, AARON from UNKNOWN is being searched for by AARON AARON from VISALIA IVE BEEN LOOKING for my son for quite soom time now and I would like to find him and spend soom time with him and get to know him all over again for its been over 18 years snice Ive seen him last.His screen name was dark warrior shades unfortunatally I lost all my old letters from him. So if you can please help me find him,for he is my onl son.Doug has been described as a fan favourite and came first in a poll to find viewer's favourite of the new fresher group.Brennan decided to leave Hollyoaks in 2013 but, his exit was kept secret until transmission where Doug was killed in the show's 18th anniversary.

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