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From Abroad to Armenia 374 Destination code subscriber number 1.

From Marzes, Armen Tel Mobile network, NK and K-Telecom to Yerevan: 0 10 subscriber number 2.

network: 0 NK destination code subscriber number 6.

From Yerevan, Marzes, Armen Tel Mobile network and K-Telecom to NK Mobile network: 0 97 subscriber number 7.

From Yerevan, Marzes, Armen Tel Mobile network and NK to K-Telecom: The six digit dialing in Armen Tel Mobile Network (from mobile to mobile) will be stopped 0 93 subscriber number 0 94 subscriber number 5.

The new volume is constituted of facing pages - on the left hand side is the text in Armenian complete with a circular bust photograph of the martyred person in question, and on the right, the Turkish translation - minus the photograph (which would be redundant, of course).

Archaeology, howewer, following important findings based on excavations undertaken toward the end of the last century (Marr, Strzygowski, Thoramanian) and during the 1950s (Sahinian, Hovhannissian, et al), makes a probably decisive contribution to the definition of the correlations among outstanding exam-ples of Armenian architecture of the 4th century.

As early as the beginning of the 7th century Armenian architecture had achieved such a high level of compositional and structural complete-ness that the same 'language', with very few modifications, can be obser-ved throughout the tradition which developed in the centuries to follow.

From Yerevan, Armen Tel Mobile network, NK and K-Telecom to Marzes: 0 Destination code subscriber number 3.

From Yerevan, Marzes, NK and K-Telecom to Armen Tel Mobile network: 0 91 mobile subscriber number 4.

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