Broadcom backdating stock options Adult animated chat sites

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That promise is considered to be an in-the-money options grant.

Ruehle, You Are a Free Man —A Broadcom Saga: My Fight for Justice. Likewise, cynical government prosecutors have many incentives to pursue media-defamed businessmen, also regardless of guilt: convictions bring prosecutors journalistic adulation, departmental promotions, lavish private-firm job offers, and even political power.

"I'm not going to justify Broadcom's actions, but this is what tech companies did back then," he said, adding that Broadcom's size seemed to be a target to federal authorities.

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Last week the Do J brought criminal charges against two Brocade Communications Systems executives, while the SEC filed a civil suit against the same two and the CFO.

As expected, the charges focused on backdating stock options by doctoring employment documents, neglecting to record the stock-option expense on the company’s books, and misleading investors.

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