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Derek Logue – Once Fallen – has followed the situation of homeless registrants in Florida ever since abhorrently stringent residency restrictions created the Julia Tuttle Causeway scandal in 2007.

After being ousted from there, the homeless population bounced to other communities, forced to move time and time again, from Shorecrest, to Allapattah, and as of 2016, to an industrial park parking lot in Miami.

— Purdue University has called an early end to a summer camp for teens and pre-teens, after several campers were accused of sex crimes.

Camp DASH was supposed to last for 25 days but it was shut down, and kids were sent home last Friday—two weeks early.

Today three are speaking out for the first time publicly, describing the abuse they say was inflicted by team doctor Lawrence Nassar. Jon La Pook reports this week on 60 Minutes, more than 60 women have now come forward alleging abuse. At one point, I started making myself throw up.”Her ally in moments of emotional distress was often the man assigned to relieve her physical pain, Dr. He was usually on hand at the Karolyi ranch when the national team was training there, roughly once a month, and also present at national team competitions. “He was someone that we would talk to when we were getting treatment, if we had a hard day. As she tells La Pook on the broadcast, “It was treatment. Antolin says the risk of complaining went beyond getting in trouble — it meant possibly losing a spot on the Olympics team.“No one wants to step out of line because there’s a group of people that make decisions that dictate whether you’re successful or not,” she says in the clip above.

national women’s gymnastics team allegedly masked sexual abuse as medical treatment for years. As a trainer or physician, he worked with Olympic and National Women’s artistic gymnastic teams for more than two decades. It was kind of like a bright light, I guess you could say.”Because the athletes were instructed to keep a strict diet while at the ranch, Jeanette Antolin says Dr. She says the secret treats and friendly conversation helped build trust with the young gymnasts. Nassar for several years, often at the Karolyi Ranch.“He was a buddy,” she recalls in the clip above. When it’s such a serious environment that would be the world. Nassar, she says she didn’t think of his actions as anything other than an acceptable medical procedure.

an elderly man in a wheelchair, a man weighing in at nearly 400 pounds with severe arthritis, another man who had recent knee surgery, and even some women. T (Derek’s host and guide) told me many at the camp do try to look out for each other.

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USA Gymnastics president Steve Penny also declined to speak with 60 Minutes on camera.

The accusations include voyeurism, fondling, battery, and even rape. The camp was meant to be a part of a study on diet and high blood pressure and kids were paid, to take part in it.

Police say the assault possibly happened in a bathroom/locker room at North Park Pool. Police say both individuals were participating in a summer program and say the pool was closed to the public at the time.

-- Police are investigating an alleged sexual assault at a summer camp for special needs children in Burlington on Monday. The 17-year-old is accused of having sexual contact with another camp participant in the locker room.

In 2012, Burlington Police were called out to investigate a reported sexual assault involving two campers at Camp Green Leaves.

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