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Mais la jeune femme se fait connaître du public grâce à la série historique Downton Abbey où elle tient le rôle de Lady Rose Mac Clare de 2012 à 2015.

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Elle fait ses premiers pas au cinéma en 2012, dans le film de Rufus Norris : Broken, aux côtés de Cillian Murphy notamment.For Arthur to find out about Merlin's magic, I think, again, it has to happen in a way that suggests that Arthur can think for himself.And I think, by accident, and without Merlin knowing, I think Arthur has to witness something or just have something click.is an American actor, singer and former Versace model.Marsden began his acting career guest-starring in television shows Saved by the Bell: The New Class, Touched by an Angel, and Party of Five.

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