Strap on chats

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She also sent a Snapchat photo showing her smiling at the camera while her boyfriend, Rafael Gonzalez, holds a gun behind her head, KARK reported."Strap Chat," the caption said, punning a slang term for carrying a gun.

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I haven't tried one out yet, but it certainly sounds promising.

NOVA chat 8 is a communication system that offers the well-known Chat software on an Android platform.

Like all "Chats," NOVA chat 8 offers a durable yet sleek portable design, with features that include an 8" display, switch scanning, Social Chat, IVONA speech synthesizer, and many other Chat features.

We sat and watched it in a friend's house and discussed where we thought music might fit.

I probably used the second hand of my watch to get the timings to the nearest five seconds or so … As to the music underpinning the scene, I guess it was a case of finding the right mood for the shot but also finding something melodically ear-pricking.

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