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If I'd known I would have done some things a little differently... I wrote some songs with her because it was a fun experience."B.) Consider the fact that the guy really isn't the greatest guitar player in the world and that EVANESCENCE might be better off with somebody else. Unless you have worked with her or have personal experience, your opinion does not amount to much. I'm not joining her band, and it wasn't to counteract anything having anything to do with EVANESCENCE.The cornerstone of the album is a song called "10/22," named after the fateful night in 2003 that he abruptly left Evanescence, the band he co-founded with Amy Lee, just as sales of its album, Fallen, climbed past the 10 million mark."The funny thing is when I wrote it, I thought I was talking to Amy: ' Tell me again your fucked-up excuses,'" says Moody.We had such opposing desires and personalities that mixed with the pride of youth and inexperience (and an extreme amount of insecurity and loss of direction on my part) led to an all out war.Hank Moody est un romancier new-yorkais exilé à Los Angeles, et séparé de Karen, la mère de sa fille Becca, âgée de 12 ans.He is currently a member of The Halo Method and We Are The Fallen.

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Miller and Jason "Gong" Jones for The Punisher soundtrack."But I realized, as I was listening to it three weeks ago, that it's not about her at all.It's talking to myself, calling out my own bullshit."Moody has not spoken to Lee since he left the band, but he says that his door is open. I think she's great," says Moody, who was romantically involved with Lee in high school, long before Evanescence took off.Writing in response to a posting on SEETHER's official Bulletin Board, Morgan — who has been dating EVANESCENCE singer Amy Lee for the past six months — said, "Wow!I didn't know I had so much power over Ben and his life and his career.

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