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Women with higher education were approximately three times more likely to engage in online sexual EDI.

Although men and women are converging in terms of overall EDI, men still report higher engagement in physical/sexual extradyadic behaviors, and the correlates of sexual and emotional EDI vary according to gender.

The sample consisted of 561 women (M age = 23.19 years) and 222 men (M age = 23.97 years), all of whom reported being in an exclusive dating relationship for an average of 35 months.

I’ve made a number of new online connections this past month. Some I have met for a date, some I have just remained online friends with because I am acutely aware that they have very few women that they can speak honestly with and so I like to remain connected.

It’s always seemed interesting to me that for all the misogyny cries of feminists, that these men don’t hate on me, speak down to me, or denigrate me in anyway.

They enjoy talking to me and they find a great deal of comfort and sense of normality straight away as they immediately sense there is no judgment.

Figures show crimes relating to dating apps have increased 10-fold over the past three years in Kent - with reported offences including blackmail, sex attacks, harassment and even attempted murder.

While the numbers are low - increasing from one crime in 2013, to two in 2014 and then jumping to 10 last year - people are being warned to take care when meeting up with users they barely know via the likes of Tinder and Grindr.

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