Listbox not updating when datasource changes wpf

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Suppose your listbox displays three items Electricity Water House Now, you want to change the "House" text to "Bedroom". Until you tell this it would be difficult to answer. Index property is returning -1 as there is actually no item selected. Writing connection string and all won't be a trouble if you have internet. Regards, Siddhartha when i click on Script Action to new query window it gives me a messages "There is not action to be Scripted".

You need to handle this by putting an if condition: I have a Listbox, Textbox and a Combobox on the form. Just search in google about the things I have suggested. :( I dont know how to check for the lenght of categoryname field.

In WPF, you typically use data binding to establish a connection between the properties of two objects.

In this relationship, one object is referred to as the source and one object is referred to as the target.

Therefore I bind Content property of lbl Selected Item to a property of View Model variable 8.

What I should do at last, is to add command for handling the event when user clicks on item in List View.

As I said above, List View item doesn’t support ICommand. From Solution Explorer in VS, add reference to Microsoft.

NET 4.5 added asynchronous language features for C# and VB.

I need to enter few Items in the textbox so that it is saved in my Listbox and then later I should be able to replace an item in the Listbox by entering new value in the Text Box , giving me error , please help... What I mean is, how are you editing a particular item in the listbox. Or will there be a separate button called "Edit" which when clicked after selecting the item "House" will bring the textbox before you? Whenever you want to edit or delete a particular item you will need to have its Category_Id so that you may write a db command like: "Delete from category where category_id=2" For this I suggest storing the Category_Id in the tag property of the list Box item. Text item( for example if I enter Food in my textbox1.txt, the database get only F)... Here is my Stored procedure: create proc databaseinsert(@categoryname nvarchar,@datecreated datetime) as insert into Category(categoryname,datecreated) values (@categoryname,@datecreated); My table Name: Category Columns categoryname categoryid datecreated. If you don't understand what I mean then please right click on the table in the business Studio and click create script. This may be a possibility, let me know if I am right.For the most part, this has made it much easier to improve a user interface’s responsiveness—you can use asynchronous APIs to perform potentially slow work in a way that will not cause your user interface to freeze, and yet you can use simple programming techniques that look very similar to those used in single-threaded code. There are some kinds of slow, IO-oriented work (i.e., the kind of work that often benefits most from asynchrony) where a simple application of these techniques won’t help as much as you might hope.For example, you can run into trouble if you’re doing something that’s slow, but not quite slow enough.If you want to display a large amount of data from a file, a naive asynchronous (or, for that matter, multithreaded) approach can run into problems.The keywords deal easily with long waits, but if you’re doing something slightly more busy you may need to apply these techniques with a bit more subtlety.

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