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In the first stage, we employ a Support Vector Machine classifier to distinguish conversations having suspicious content from safe online discussions.

This is useful as most chat conversations in real life do not contain a sexual predator, therefore it can be viewed as a filtering phase that enables the actual detection of predators to be done only for suspicious chats that contain a sexual predator with a very high degree.

Answer the following self-quiz questions to see if you may want to take advantage of the services listed below: – Patrick Carnes (ed.) As UWEC’s Computing and Networking Usage Guidelines point out, using your University computing privileges for harassment or viewing sexually explicit materials or spamming (among other uses) are prohibited."All they see are the words ‘sex offender’ and they judge me. How can I get a chance to show people I have changed?I am a different person now."Equally aggravating for Erickson and others on the sex offender registries is that, besides being stigmatized for a lifetime, the chance that a convicted sex offender will re-offend after prison is less than 5 percent, a rate lower than any other type of criminal offender, according to a recent study.“We let our emotions take over and people have gone overboard thinking that every sex offender is a boogeyman,” said Joe Henger, a state-licensed independent counselor who has worked with some 9,000 sex offenders over the past 25 years.This paper presents a system developed for detecting sexual predators in online chat conversations using a two-stage classification and behavioral features.A sexual predator is defined as a person who tries to obtain sexual favors in a predatory manner, usually with underage people.

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